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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can our music school participate in Teach Music Week?

A1: If you are able to offer at least one free intro lesson or class to a new student then please contact us to have your Music School added.

Q2: Are there any fees required for our music school or retail location to participate in Teach Music Week?

A2: Definitely not - Teach Music Week is currently self-funded, however we are starting to apply for grants and searching for sponsor partners that will allow Teach Music Week and Kids Music Day to inspire even more future musicians. If you are able to offer at least one free intro lesson to a new student please contact us to have your location added.

Q3: How many free intro lessons do participating music schools need to offer?

A3: Your school can offer as few or as many free intro lessons as your resources will allow. You can also sign up new students during "Teach Music Week" and give the lesson at a later time when scheduling permits.

Q4: I put my zipcode into the SEARCH Bar and no locations show up in our area...HELP :)

A4: There are definitely pockets away from major cities without an official location participating. Contact 2-3 music schools in your area and ask if they would offer a free trial lesson for Teach Music Week (and point them to to explain what you're talking about). More than likely some will say yes, and please have them contact us so we can add their location to the website. Teach Music Week is growing by 100-200 new locations per year and the more ways music schools hear about it the more locations will participate.

Q5: I'm a musician but I don't work at a music can I participate in "Teach Music Week"?

A5: Let your friends and family know about "Teach Music Week" and that you'd really like to get them started playing an instrument by offering a free lesson that week. After that you can continue to give them lessons or refer them to a local music school.

Q6: I really really want to learn how to play guitar (or piano, drums, violin, etc). How can I take advantage of "Teach Music Week" to start learning?

A6: Enter your city, state or zipcode on the home page at to find participating locations in your area. Then contact them directly to set up your trial lesson and be sure to mention "Teach Music Week"). Please note that schools may limit their number free offers due to resource & scheduling concerns.

Q7: I teach music at a public, private or charter school. How can we participate in Teach Music Week?

A7: There are definitely ways you join us in celebrating Teach Music Week. You could hold a special music open house, schedule a student music performance or ask your students to let their friends know you are available for a complimentary music lesson that week.

Please Contact Us if your question is not answered here.

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