Teach Music Week


Teach Music Week is celebrated each year during the 3rd week in March.  We partner with over 750 music schools, stores and other organizations around the world to offer a free 30 minute lesson or class to new students. 

We also encourage individual musicians to offer a free music lesson to a friend or family member. 


We invite all interested music students (kids and adults) to seek out a music school or musician participating in "Teach Music Week".

Why Teach Music Week?

Keep Music Alive is celebrating the 7th Annual "Teach Music Week" from Monday March 15th to Sunday March 21st. We are encouraging musicians and music schools everywhere to find one new student they can begin to teach by offering one free 30 minute lesson.  We all know, that often the biggest hurdle to anything is just getting started. We believe that by encouraging music teachers and potential students to reach out to each other, many of these new students will continue to learn and play music long after the month of March is over. Our ultimate goal is to help more kids and adults reap the educational, therapeutic and social benefits of playing music.

Musical Brands Who Believe in Keeping the Beat

Music Class

7th Annual
Teach Music Week

March 15th to March 21st, 2021