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WHY Keep Music Alive?


ORIGIN STORY:  Keep Music Alive is celebrating 10 years since our humble beginnings that began with an idea for the "88 Ways Music Can Change Your Life" book series.  The stories we collected for that first book in the summer of 2014 forever changed our lives, ultimately leading to Teach Music Week, Kids Music Day and year-round Musical Instrument Petting Zoos with over 80 events each year.  


SMARTER KIDS - Research has shown many academic benefits of learning to play music including improved test scores in math, science & reading comprehension.

BRAIN CHANGES - Playing music as a child has also proven to increase the size of what’s known as the corpus callosum. This is "THE PIPE" that connects the left/logical and the right/creative sides of our brain.  This is HUGE!

BRAIN CHANGES #2 - This actual physical change is what leads to more creative problem solving and thinking outside the box. This is why many scientists, doctors, engineers and inventors credit part of their success to early music education.

SOFT SKILLS - Children that learn to play music also see improvements in numerous “soft skills” including patience, perseverance and discipline.  As children master new musical skills, they experience boosts to their overall self-confidence which carries over to every other aspect of their lives.

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